Mango-Curry Chicken Salad

Aug 12 2015

These flavors will make you rethink what a salad should consist of.

Recipe courtesy the National Dairy Council

Serves 4 

Dietitian's Tip: 

This great recipe incorporates some of the main DASH foods (low-fat dairy, colorful fruits and vegetables, and nuts), making it a great and wholesome choice. If you can’t find fresh, look for frozen mangoes. They keep well in the freezer and are still high in nutrients. And if you don’t like nuts, consider adding seeds to still give this recipe a nice crunch but still incorporate healthy fats. For a different eating experience, use green lettuce leaves to make lettuce wraps. 


2 ½ cups (½ -inch pieces) grilled skinless, boneless chicken breasts
¾ cup plain, nonfat yogurt
1 teaspoon curry
¼ cup cubed mango
1 cup dried, sweetened cranberries
¼ cup walnuts, coarsely chopped
1/3 cup Mozzarella cheese, cut into small cubes 


1. In a medium bowl, blend yogurt and curry with a whisk. Stir in chicken, mango, cranberries, walnuts and Mozzarella cheese.

2. Mix well and serve on lettuce leaves if desired.  

Nutrition Information: 

Per serving- Calories 303; Total Fat 10 g; Saturated Fat 2 g; Carbohydrates 32 g; Protein 24 g; Fiber 3 g; Sodium 192 mg; Potassium 377 mg; Magnesium 39 mg; Calcium 182 mg