Section: Make DASH Work for You

Make DASH Work for You

Start slowly and take DASH one step at a time. Remember the old adage, “Rome wasn’t built in a day?” Your transition to the DASH eating style will happen gradually, not all at once. 

Take the pressure off and start with a few DASH meals per week. Think about the DASH foods you already eat. Consider your favorite recipes, foods and snacks and include them in your weekly meal plan. Recycle your successes- when a meal or snack idea works, repeat it!
DASH doesn’t only work when eating at home. There are plenty of strategies for making DASH choices when dining out. Whether it’s a meal out on the town, a trip through the drive through, or a quick snack on the run, you can find DASH solutions away from home.
Make a plan to adopt DASH. With a plan in place you’ll be able to ensure you are making the right DASH choices for optimal health. 
  • Ask yourself- what, where, what time, and with whom do you eat
  • Adapt DASH to your usual routines with family, work, and play
  • Anticipate changing schedules and their effects on what and how you will eat
  • Use planning tools like the weekly meal planner and the daily DASH tracker
  • Plan meals and snacks that include DASH choices
  • Use the shopping list to shop smart for DASH foods